Aside from walking from class to class, I have neglected the exercise portion of my goal. Something about Thanksgiving Break and days off not to worry about a single thing… refreshing. I’ve found myself in a semi-routine. Waking up, eating breakfast (a bowl of cereal) and drinking a cup of coffee. It’s nice to not feel tired during the day. Coffee helps. I should remember that.

I am happy to report that I have exceeded my crafty quota. I decided to work on a Christmas gift to my best friend, Laura, which took several hours to complete. I showed it to her because I’m always full of self-doubt, but she loves it. It’s still sitting on my desk and seeing it makes me happy, knowing it will make her happy.
Something else that makes me happy:
Sitting in my own personal space. Today there is a double rainbow projected on my wall through the window behind me.
I made the collages of Jack and Emma at least six months ago. Finally finding them a home on the wall, makes me happy. I’ve struggled with arrangement and what pieces to use but finally I just DID it and I am happy with it. The center photo is one that was sent to me from the Warehouse. The bottom photo is my little brother, his wife, and son Zeke (my nugget). This was taken pre-Hannah. The photo on the right is my best friend and her family, pre-Thad.

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