dead week

This is the week that is reserved for studying finals. Unfortunately, my body seems to think it means “lazy week” as there have been at least two days this week where I have slept more than the majority of the day. This girl can sleep.

I came across this haiku about finals that describes my situation perfectly:

I am really f—-d.

Where did this semester go?

F—, f—, f—, f—, f—.”


In other news, I’ve decided to start Project Life. I ordered the page protectors last week. I choose not to order the kit as I already have SO MANY supplies that have basically sat unused for the last four plus years. I spent some time this week going through just my scraps, cutting them up, and came up with two giant stacks of 4×6 and 3×4 so I think I’ll be good to start out.

I’m at such a crossroads in my life. I really didn’t want to begin to document my life until I knew where it was going. I still don’t know and that is okay.


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