Project Life, two!

People typically call them by the week they are in.. this is my second week but technically it is Week 49.

I am loving this project. It’s fun and each day I think of a little something I can put into it but there is no pressure if I decide not to either. I used the starbucks packaging for one of the pockets. Seems like that is the only way I can make it through the day without a nap.

On Saturday we drove three hours to our nearest IKEA! We purchased an Ektorp sofa and the Expedit shelving unit. I am loving filling all of the squares with things. The dogs are loving the new sofa. I originally wanted white (what was I thinking?!) but we decided on the gray one, however, when we went to find the covers they were sold out of gray so we got beige instead. Beige sofa/black dog not a good mix. I did a lot of research and most people seem to love their Ektorp. It wasn’t very hard to put together at all (in fact I put it together by myself!) The ottoman though, different story. My fingers hurt putting that sucker together! I loved the idea of a slipcover because of the dogs. I’ll write later to give a better review but so far I will say if you have a black lab, do not get the white or beige sofa. It was showing dog hair before I even got the thing put together.


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