13 Things

We are halfway through the year and since I’ve neglected this space for the entire time I figured it was time for an update!

– Run a 5k
I was able to do this one twice! My first was for The Color Run in Tulsa on 4/20 with my friend Brittany. The second was Color Me Rad in Oklahoma City 5/11 with my friend Amy (also the mother of my boyfriend’s son!) and her daughter Nayeli.



– Read 13 Books

I thought this one would be harder! I’ll probably more than double my goal by the end of the year! One of my favorites was re-reading The Great Gatsby.

– Volunteer 13 hours

– Go see a live performance

This is another one that I didn’t think would be quite so easily accomplished. I’ve been lucky and have seen musical performances by some amazing artists such as Sigur Ros, Dave Matthews Band, Iron & Wine, Hosty Duo and still to come Beyonce, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Mumford & Sons! I also saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of a Shakespeare in the Park series.

– Visit a place I’ve never been

– Fill all of my empty frames.

– Sleep outside

– “Disconnect” for a day

– Teach my dogs a new trick

– Complete 13 projects from Pinterest

Progress 1/13. Currently working on project 2.

– Grow a garden

Due to circumstances this one doesn’t look like it will work out as planned. I’m still going to grow a few things but not quite a full garden.

– Become an active member of a club/organization on campus

– Continue & stick with Project Life

I’ve botched this one but hopefully I’ll still be able to work on some Project Life in the coming months.


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