BIG ideas!

The biggest change that I am going to make this year is to become healthier. My goal is to finally drop all of my baby weight – plus 10 pounds!

I’m not sure that I’m even allowed to call it baby weight since my baby is now a full fledged toddler. My ultimate goal is to lose 30lbs. Thirty. I am going to lose THIRTY pounds before the end of the year.


I am a firm believer that there is no magic cure in weight loss. Anyone can do it. Yes, even you! I began my fitness journey on February 1st. I’m using the very popular exercise and fitness program 21 Day Fix. The program is only 21 days long, however, realistically I do not expect to reach my goal in 21 days. No way. BUT I can use the program for multiple rounds and I know that by the end of the year I will be where I want to be.

The part that I am most excited about is that through my own weight loss journey I have the opportunity to help others. If you would like to join me, you can sign up for a FREE beachbody account here.



Hello 2016

Here’s my obligatory annual post. I guess I didn’t write one in 2015… I was busy recovering from having a baby.

In all honesty, I’m still recovering. My son, Eli, is almost 14 months. What a year! It is the most amazing thing watching a tiny human grow. I have saved everything from his life and jotted down the important bits and put most of it on instagram but I have seriously failed to document it all.

So I am here to say, without droning on, 2016 is MY year.

I have major plans for this year. It is going to be BIG in terms of personal growth for me.

Hello 2014

To say that 2013 was rough would be an understatement. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and tackling many more challenges in the new year. 

– Fill all of my empty frames.
– Sleep outside
– Grow a garden
– Become an active member of a club/organization
– Continue & stick with Project Life

In addition I would like to update this space at least once a month. My “big” resolution is to try to green up my life a little more. I’ll have to think more about ways I can do that.

Goodbye 2013

2013 was a roller coaster that I’m glad is over. I didn’t quite get to all of my goals but I’m not giving up.. they’ll be added to the list for next year. 

– Run a 5k

– Read 13 Books

Volunteer 13 hours

My intention was to go to an animal shelter or something and actually log some time. I found a boxer, decided to foster him, and then adopted him. I’m going to count this as my “volunteering” 

Go see a live performance

– Visit a place I’ve never been

– Fill all of my empty frames.

– Sleep outside

“Disconnect” for a day

– Teach my dogs a new trick
While Jack and Emma didn’t learn any new tricks I did teach Teddy how to “sit” and “leave it”

– Complete 13 projects from Pinterest

1. Painted Curtains
2. Fall Decor
3. DIY Dry Shampoo
4. Strip Quilt
5. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
6. Crochet Owl Hats
7. Crochet Minion Hats
8. Super Easy Baby Blanket
9. Glittered Bulb Ornaments
10. Pine cone Ornaments
11. Knit Christmas Stocking
12. Maskcara HAC and Maskcara Smokey Eye
13. Coat rack/mantle

– Grow a garden

– Become an active member of a club/organization on campus

– Continue & stick with Project Life

Winter Break


TINY Plane! 

School started this week so life has been a little hectic, trying to get into a routine and such. Last week, I got to go to Atlanta to visit my best friend. It was such a great, fun, relaxing trip I wish I could just fly there every weekend for some girl time. Some of the fun included: wine shopping at Target (seriously, every time I leave Oklahoma it blows my mind that other states sell wine in grocery stores!), sushi, and late night chats. 




One Little Word – 2013

I’ve tried to do this in the past but haven’t really stuck with it. I was thinking about whether or not to do it and what word I would choose. I thought about the word give. 

I was going through some things that I had just gotten from where they were stored. Mainly scrapbooking supplies (super super exciting getting this stuff back!) but a few oddities were mixed about. I came across a little note I had written to myself, probably four or so years ago, it read:

“It is okay to give myself a break”

And that’s when I knew that give will be the perfect word for 2013. 

Project Life, two!

People typically call them by the week they are in.. this is my second week but technically it is Week 49.

I am loving this project. It’s fun and each day I think of a little something I can put into it but there is no pressure if I decide not to either. I used the starbucks packaging for one of the pockets. Seems like that is the only way I can make it through the day without a nap.

On Saturday we drove three hours to our nearest IKEA! We purchased an Ektorp sofa and the Expedit shelving unit. I am loving filling all of the squares with things. The dogs are loving the new sofa. I originally wanted white (what was I thinking?!) but we decided on the gray one, however, when we went to find the covers they were sold out of gray so we got beige instead. Beige sofa/black dog not a good mix. I did a lot of research and most people seem to love their Ektorp. It wasn’t very hard to put together at all (in fact I put it together by myself!) The ottoman though, different story. My fingers hurt putting that sucker together! I loved the idea of a slipcover because of the dogs. I’ll write later to give a better review but so far I will say if you have a black lab, do not get the white or beige sofa. It was showing dog hair before I even got the thing put together.