13 Things for 2013

One of my good friends is turning 29 in two days! (I’m only a few months behind her, eek) To commemorate this occasion she has set about to create a list of “30 before 30” and since I’m all for lists, I’ll probably be coming up with something similar, but before then I decided to create a New Year’s challenge for myself.

– Run a 5k

– Read 13 Books

– Volunteer 13 hours

– Go see a live performance

– Visit a place I’ve never been

– Fill all of my empty frames.

– Sleep outside

– “Disconnect” for a day

– Teach my dogs a new trick

– Complete 13 projects from Pinterest

– Grow a garden

– Become an active member of a club/organization on campus

– Continue & stick with Project Life


One Little Word – 2013

I’ve tried to do this in the past but haven’t really stuck with it. I was thinking about whether or not to do it and what word I would choose. I thought about the word give. 

I was going through some things that I had just gotten from where they were stored. Mainly scrapbooking supplies (super super exciting getting this stuff back!) but a few oddities were mixed about. I came across a little note I had written to myself, probably four or so years ago, it read:

“It is okay to give myself a break”

And that’s when I knew that give will be the perfect word for 2013. 

Project Life, two!

People typically call them by the week they are in.. this is my second week but technically it is Week 49.

I am loving this project. It’s fun and each day I think of a little something I can put into it but there is no pressure if I decide not to either. I used the starbucks packaging for one of the pockets. Seems like that is the only way I can make it through the day without a nap.

On Saturday we drove three hours to our nearest IKEA! We purchased an Ektorp sofa and the Expedit shelving unit. I am loving filling all of the squares with things. The dogs are loving the new sofa. I originally wanted white (what was I thinking?!) but we decided on the gray one, however, when we went to find the covers they were sold out of gray so we got beige instead. Beige sofa/black dog not a good mix. I did a lot of research and most people seem to love their Ektorp. It wasn’t very hard to put together at all (in fact I put it together by myself!) The ottoman though, different story. My fingers hurt putting that sucker together! I loved the idea of a slipcover because of the dogs. I’ll write later to give a better review but so far I will say if you have a black lab, do not get the white or beige sofa. It was showing dog hair before I even got the thing put together.

dead week

This is the week that is reserved for studying finals. Unfortunately, my body seems to think it means “lazy week” as there have been at least two days this week where I have slept more than the majority of the day. This girl can sleep.

I came across this haiku about finals that describes my situation perfectly:

I am really f—-d.

Where did this semester go?

F—, f—, f—, f—, f—.”


In other news, I’ve decided to start Project Life. I ordered the page protectors last week. I choose not to order the kit as I already have SO MANY supplies that have basically sat unused for the last four plus years. I spent some time this week going through just my scraps, cutting them up, and came up with two giant stacks of 4×6 and 3×4 so I think I’ll be good to start out.

I’m at such a crossroads in my life. I really didn’t want to begin to document my life until I knew where it was going. I still don’t know and that is okay.


Aside from walking from class to class, I have neglected the exercise portion of my goal. Something about Thanksgiving Break and days off not to worry about a single thing… refreshing. I’ve found myself in a semi-routine. Waking up, eating breakfast (a bowl of cereal) and drinking a cup of coffee. It’s nice to not feel tired during the day. Coffee helps. I should remember that.

I am happy to report that I have exceeded my crafty quota. I decided to work on a Christmas gift to my best friend, Laura, which took several hours to complete. I showed it to her because I’m always full of self-doubt, but she loves it. It’s still sitting on my desk and seeing it makes me happy, knowing it will make her happy.
Something else that makes me happy:
Sitting in my own personal space. Today there is a double rainbow projected on my wall through the window behind me.
I made the collages of Jack and Emma at least six months ago. Finally finding them a home on the wall, makes me happy. I’ve struggled with arrangement and what pieces to use but finally I just DID it and I am happy with it. The center photo is one that was sent to me from the Warehouse. The bottom photo is my little brother, his wife, and son Zeke (my nugget). This was taken pre-Hannah. The photo on the right is my best friend and her family, pre-Thad.


I guess this space is neglected when I’m feeling better.

I find myself, once again, in the same place as before. So much has changed yet so much is still the same. I really don’t like putting sadness “out there.” I’m trying to work through this and I realize (or hope) these feelings aren’t my own. I try to stay optimistic but the depression is lingering. It finds its way into my life.

I wrote before that I wanted to put this here so I might look back to see what works/what doesn’t. As I really haven’t put down what I’m doing.. there isn’t a lot of room to analyse.

I think exercise needs to be part of my life, not only to help me maintain a place where I’m comfortable with my body, but also something about it (even though I loathe it before, during and after) helps.

I realize that in the past I have been far too ambitious. “Conquer the world” is a hard thing to accomplish let alone analyze where I’m at in my progress. I’m setting two (clearly defined) goals for the next two weeks.

1. Walk 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.
2. Spend at least 30 minutes per week working on something crafty.

These seem pretty no-fail and that’s the whole point – setting something attainable and working up to the hard stuff. Hopefully, I”ll be back within two weeks.